What could you do together that would be enjoyable for both of you?

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Things can get kind of intense at this time of year.

Work and school activities are in full swing. Sports, clubs and committees are up and running. And Christmas and holiday get-togethers are just around the corner!

It can be tempting to put your head down and focus on the next thing that has to get done.

But what if…?

What if you took your foot off the gas for a bit?

Raised your head and looked around?

Took a deep breath and appreciated all the wonderfulness in your life?

From running water to being able to see. From pens and paper to the computer or phone you’re reading this on.

And especially for the people who give your life meaning, purpose and connection.

It can be quick and easy

Maybe it’s a walk around the block in the crisp fall air (one of my favourite things).

Or maybe it’s just taking an extra second to look – really look – into their eyes. So you truly see them and you know that they are seeing you.

I find that often this kind of savouring has a sensory, tangible quality to it.

The feel of someone’s hand, or the sound of their voice – or maybe just the unique rhythm of their footsteps, whether they are a human being or a beloved pet.

What could you do…?

What could you do with someone else that would support that kind of savouring?

To help you remember what’s great about having them in your life.


But what if you have a relationship where you’re struggling?

One where you can’t think of anything that you’d both enjoy.

That’s hard.

I’ve been there and I get how it can drag the whole of your life down.

If you’ve got a relationship like that, and you’d like help to figure out what to do about it, let’s talk.

  • In this free consultation you’ll leave with some really concrete steps that you can take on your own to lessen the pain and start to unravel the struggle.
  • I’ll also give you my honest assessment about what I think it will take to get to a healthy place and resolve the issues permanently. That might mean various resources and it might mean more work with me, how I could help you do that.
  • Book now for a better holiday season and a better new year.
Helping thoughtful, caring people who struggle with conflict
Learn to resolve issues peacefully and permanently
So you can spend more of your time enjoying life.
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