A Miracle May Be Just Over the Hill

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It was Lilac Festival time at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton.

I was looking forward to my first visit there. I have a special love of lilacs because my grandmother had a bush outside her house.

I remember the deep purple blooms and vivid green of the leaves standing out against the crisp white of her front porch.

As I walked toward the festival garden, I was amazed to see a dozen different lilac bushes.

The flowers ranged in colour from white through palest pink to intense royal purple. They released a heady mixture of scents.

I started to move among the bushes, studying the different shapes of the clusters, sniffing their various aromas. Reading the information about each one.

Suddenly I realized that the garden continued down over a hill and into a valley. Lilac bushes filled the landscape. There were hundreds of them! It was a truly astounding sight.

Creating Connection

This experience reminds me of 3 things I’ve learned about creating connection:

  1. When I connect fully with all of what’s alive in me about any situation, there’s often a lot more there than I first realized.
    And I haven’t fully understood myself until I’ve seen all of that.
    Just as I didn’t fully understand what “lilac” meant until I saw all the different variations.
  2. Whenever I’m talking about a situation with someone else, I need to remember that any word can have very different meanings to each of us.
    Just as if I, who had only ever seen purple lilacs, were talking to someone who had only ever seen white ones.
    So I need to remain alert and curious to understand their perspective too.
  3. When we bring together our unique information and perspectives on the situation, and curiousity about other people’s perspectives, we can create a truly beautiful result.

What messages do you see in this story?

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Warmly, 🙂 Glenda


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