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Members receive access to videos, downloadable slides and
communication makeover examples to help you

  • Be heard fully and accurately by others
  • Resolve conflicts peacefully, effectively and permanently
  • Communicate in ways to help prevent future conflict.

Membership also includes regular group mentoring support from Glenda.

Membership is offered on a 4-week subscription basis – sign up when you are ready, pause when the time is right for you (the pause will start at the end of your current 4-week subscription period), restart when you want more.

In each 4-week period, you’ll receive:

  • 3 one-and-a-half hour “live” group mentoring sessions by computer (and phone if you wish)
  • The opportunity to submit your own real-life situations for coaching and support
  • Video recordings of the training and mentoring portions of each call – with great controls to quickly find a particular section you might want to review
  • Downloadable copies of the slides from Glenda’s presentations
  • Written copies of the mentoring support she provides to participants

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