Glenda’s Notes

Welcome! In 2010, I created a website that I intended to use to blog about all the topics I’m passionate about.

Unfortunately, the technology I used at the time was not robust enough for what I was trying to do.

I’ve switched to a new technology platform. And in the process I’ve decided to put some topics in separate websites. The following outlines what topics live on what sites:

This website –

  • What I’m learning about enjoying life
  • How to communicate and connect effectively – with others and ourselves
  • You can check out these articles on the Home or Blog page of this site

  • How to use our time and track tasks in a way
    that produces a sense of peace and effectiveness,
    as well as connection and integrity with what’s important to us
  • You can check out these posts at

  • Appreciations for all the amazing gifts we have access to – from acts by other people, to music, video, books, computers and other electronic equipment, clothing and other products
  • My Life – including memories, things I’m learning (usually by making “mistakes”), and things I’m proud of myself for
  • You can check out these posts at

I’m in the process of transferring material from the old site to these new ones. So, for a while, you may not see some articles on the new sites that were on the old one – and it’s my intention to get them all there.

I hope you enjoy what you see!