Are you struggling with a relationship – at work or at home?


It’s amazing how problems in one relationship can affect the whole rest of your life. You find yourself distracted when you want to be focusing on other things. And it can take hours or even days to recover from a difficult interaction.


You just want peace.


You want to stop dreading situations when you know the other person will be there, or is likely to be in a bad mood. Or being constantly on guard because you never know when a conflict may erupt. Or getting blindsided by an off-hand comment that leaves you outraged or smarting for hours.


If you want to find peace in your relationships; to be on good terms with other people without giving up on what’s important to you, you’re in the right place.


You don’t have to choose between keeping the peace and getting your needs met.


Hi, I’m Glenda Mattinson.

I know I’m making a bold claim here, and it arises out of more than 15 years of experience.

I help people learn to peacefully and successfully resolve issues, make collaborative decisions, and create positive, enjoyable relationships.

It’s not always easy, but you can do it. And learning these skills makes a world of difference, not just in difficult relationships, but throughout your whole life.


“My coworker and I had been in conflict for years. It was affecting the whole department. But since you worked with us, things have been so much better. When issues come up we’re able to deal with them. I can’t believe how much more I enjoy coming to work!”

CN, Toronto


“Right from the first session my partner and I had with you, things started getting better with our kids, especially our teenager. And when I communicate this way I feel more in control and better about myself. Thank you!”
MP, Toronto


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Dropped Testimonial – Ignore

“[The leadership committee] wasn’t even going to let me speak. But I used what you taught me, and not only did I get the results I wanted, but they actually thanked me for my contribution!”

ND, Toronto

Making the small changes you suggested really did seem to make a difference.