Conflict Solutions at Home: Services

You can have much more satisfying relationships with the important people in your life. Here are services to help you achieve what you’re wanting in the minimum amount of time with the greatest amount of ease.

  1. Your Personal “Get Out of Conflict” Plan (Free Consultation)
    In this free 30- to 60-minute session, you’ll:
    – Connect to your vision of what you truly want in your relationship
    – Clarify the core issues that are getting in the way
    – Identify clear, concrete next steps you can take to start addressing the issues and fulfilling your vision.
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  2. No More Painful Conflicts – Conflict Resolution & Prevention Made Easy
    Do you struggle to resolve conflicts with your partner or your children? Maybe you have arguments that don’t seem to go anywhere, or the other person just ignores you, or you’ve gotten so discouraged that you’ve given up on even trying to talk about what’s important to you.There are a set of key skills needed to resolve and prevent conflict that most of us were never taught. In this program you’ll learn what those skills are, you’ll start to get good at them, and you’ll be supported to apply them to your most challenging conflicts.
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