YES! You Can RESOLVE Conflicts . . .

Peacefully, Effectively, Permanently

If you are …

  • Frustrated and tired of negative interactions with others, or
  • Overwhelmed trying to manage teams that just won’t get along, or
  • Tired of not feeling heard and just going along with what other people want

My programs give you the confidence and skills to deal with whatever people throw at you – in ways that take care of you, and strengthen relationships along the way.

What’s Your Area of Interest?

  • Couples
  • Individuals who want to be more successful in all areas of life
  • Leaders and Teams
    Effective Leader Private training and coaching
    Peacefully Effective Team Training
    – Conflict resolution (and prevention!) skills for your team
    Team Mediation
    – How to clear up the long-standing conflicts within your team that are wasting time, energy and money.
    Preventing Burnout in Your Team
    – Helping one another prevent burnout – how to respond when someone is upset that is truly helpful, and isn’t draining for you.
  • Couples
    It is in our intimate relationships that we most want to be seen, heard, and known. And most couples
  • Individuals– Private one-on-one training, coaching & support
    – Group training and coaching