The Key 80% of Connection Workshop – Should You Attend?

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(Time to read: ~ 1 minute)

People often ask me “How should I say this? What words should I use…?”

But 80% of what we communicate does not come through our words.
It comes through in our tone, facial expression, and body language.
So to create connection and collaboration, these are our first and most powerful tools.

And it has to be authentic
– if people sense any mismatch between what we say & how we say it,
they will believe the non-verbal part.
And they won’t trust us or what we say.

So you may find this workshop helpful if:

  1. You’re kind of baffled. People respond “negatively” to you sometimes
    when you say or ask simple, straightforward things.
    You sense it isn’t about the words you use, it’s something else that sets them off.
  2. Or you have been trying to use NVC,
    but it hasn’t made as much difference in your relationships as you had hoped.
  3. Or you don’t know what NVC is,
    but you’re wanting more warmth, connection, and mutual support
    in one or more of your relationships – at home or at work.
  4. Or you’re looking for something you can do
    that doesn’t require the support or collaboration of other people to get started –
    but will result in more collaboration and support from them in future.

For more information about the workshop, click here

To register for an upcoming group workshop, click here – Next dates are: Sat-Sun Oct 20-21, Sat-Sun April 13-14

To take this in a one-on-one private format, click here – Same content & cost as group workshop, schedule it when it works for you, saves you time

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