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Happy just-after Thanksgiving! I’m very excited about the events coming up over the next month or so…

In 10 Days – The Key 80% of Connection Workshop
80% of what people “hear” from us comes through non-verbally – in things like tone & body language.

This workshop is about how to ensure your non-verbal communication supports connection with others – without tying yourself into knots or doing anything unnatural.

Because people trust our non-verbals WAY more than what we say. Have fun making yours even more effective! Sat-Sun Oct 20-21 * Click here for details * To register

In 5 Weeks – Effective Dialogue Workshop
Save yourself years of trial and error trying to figure out how to use the verbal elements of NVC effectively in real life.

This is the consolidated result of my 10 years of study & practice of NVC – observing how the masters of NVC use the principles in real life. Then testing out my conclusions in my own real life. Sat-Sun Nov 17-18 * Click for info * Click here to Register

Plus Practice Groups – this Sun Oct 14, Tues Oct 23, Sun Nov 4
Click here to learn more * Click here to register
We’d love to have you join us – it’s a safe space to vent about people and situations that aren’t working for you! As well as discovering your own individual right way forward. These sessions focus on both the verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication.

I wish you a happy rest of October!

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