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It’s been a very challenging time in our part of the world. I feel great sadness for those who have suffered as a result of (Hurricane) Sandy. I send caring wishes for healing and recovery to everyone whose life has been affected.

And I’m very grateful that we can have much more influence in our connections with other people than we can have with the weather.

People have told me that the following two events have made a significant difference in their ability to connect with and be heard by the important people in their lives.  I hope you can join us for one or both!

Sat-Sun Nov 17-18 – Effective Dialogue Workshop
Learn and practice:
The 5 key things you can prepare for any potentially challenging conversation so you’re equipped for most anything that might come up.
The 5 key signs to watch for in any conversation, and what to do when you encounter each one, to guide the conversation to a mutually satisfying conclusion. The kind of conclusion that will help ensure your needs get met and stay met.
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Tues Nov 20 –  Practice Group
These sessions are designed to provide the two key things we all need in order to connect effectively with people in our lives:
1) A safe space to vent about people and situations that aren’t working for you, to discover your own individual right way forward.
2) And a supportive space to build capacity to peacefully listen to others – knowing what to say (and not to say) to maintain connection.
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Sending you best wishes for the rest of November!

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