Ooops! That wasn’t supposed to go out yet….

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Ooops! I wasn’t intending to publish the post that went out on Feedburner yesterday until I had completed the whole series. (I thought I had set the publication date for October next year….)

And, with my busy training schedule this month, I don’t expect to have time to finish the series in the near future.

So I’m posting this just for today, for those of you who got yesterday’s Feedburner email from CoachGlenda, so you’ll know what is happening. And I’ll be taking both these posts down once I’m sure today’s Feedburner post has gone out.

If you have gotten hooked by my embarrassing failure and are dying to know how it turns it, click here and let me know and I’ll send you a private mailing of each piece as it gets done.

Warmly, with a sigh of regret for my limitations,

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