April Workshops: Effective Dialogue & Decision-Making

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Would you like to prevent & resolve conflict more easily and effectively?

  • Learn the one thing that instantly takes any conversation out of conflict and into collaboration
  • Discover the 7 steps of constructive conflict resolution
    – how to resolve conflict so that it stays resolved AND strengthen your relationships with the people involved to reduce the risk of future conflict and make any problems that do occur easier to resolve
  • Waterfall Decision-Making – How find a decision that works for everyone – even when it initially seems impossible

Two Group Workshops in April:

  • Sat-Sun April 13-14 – 10 am to 5:30 pm
    The Key 80% of Connection – How to shift negative emotions in yourself & others
    + Waterfall Decision-Making – How to make fully satisfying decisions that are right for you & your life.
    For more information  *  To register  *  To take this as a private one-day workshop
  • Sat-Sun April 27-28 – 10 am to 5:30 pm
    Effective Dialogue: Preparation & Roadmap
    The 5 key things to prepare so challenging conversations go more smoothly
    The 5 key roadsigns to watch for in any dialogue – and what to do when you “see” each one
    For more information  *  To register
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