Announcing: Empathy / Practice Group Calls – Starting Tues Oct 22

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Do you want more peace, compassion and understanding in your life and work? Less conflict and frustration?

I want that for you also.

What It Takes + Why These Calls

You need to be willing and able to hear others with compassion,
empathy, and understanding
– including people you are in some kind of conflict or disagreement with –
in order to receive those qualities yourself.

This can be extremely difficult to do.

You need to be regularly heard with compassion and understanding yourself – in order to have the capacity to hear others in this way.

1) That is the first purpose of these calls:
to provide a space in which you can be heard this way about challenging situations in your life.

The Second Benefit

But many of us aren’t confident in our capacity to offer this compassionate understanding to others.

We’ve been taught to do other things – like giving advice, reassuring, or telling stories – that are intended to be helpful,
but generally aren’t appreciated by the other person.

2)   So that is the second purpose of these calls
– to provide structure, support, and practice
– to help you enhance your skill and comfort at offering the most precious gift there is – your compassionate presence.

The Benefit for Organizations & Communities

The people in your work, family, or community are often the people who find it hardest to offer you empathy.
Because they care about you.
And because they know the other people involved.

So they are more likely to agree with your judgments about other people
than to be able to help you compassionately identify what intangible needs / values you want fulfilled in the situation.

3) So that is the third objective of these calls:
To provide a place where you can be paired with someone from outside your community, family, or organization.

So that you can express freely without negatively impacting your community, organization, or family
– and be heard compassionately, so that you have more compassion to bring to conflicts and other challenging situations.

The Offer

As a pilot, I will be offering a 3-session series of these conference calls, plus an free 4th call next Tuesday for those who sign up early:

  • Dates: Tuesdays – Oct 22, 29, Nov 5, 12
  • Time:  8-9 pm Eastern time (6 pm in Saskatchewan for the first 2 calls, 7 pm in Saskatchewan for the last 2 calls)
  • Fee Request: $49 (including taxes)
  • Pre-requisite:
    To help ensure that everyone is heard with compassion, I request that everyone participating has completed at least one of the following:
    – one day of training with me (which may have happened over multiple sessions),
    – my Level 1 one-on-one training,
    – or 4 days of training with another NVC trainer.

If you want to participate but have not completed this much training, please click here to send me an email and let’s see what we can do to come to a mutually satisfying solution.

Apply to Participate:

There are two steps to the application process:

  1. Pay by credit card or PayPal
  2. Sign up to get call-in information
    – you will receive an automated email with the call-in details & your personalized PIN number
    – you will need to provide this when you call in.

You may need to return to this page to complete the second step.

Step 1) Pay by credit card or PayPal

Step 2) Sign Up to Get Call-In Information


Then click the “Register” button below:

Please click here to contact me if you have any problems

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