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For more about the benefits of this approach – and why you might want to participate – see the previous blog post

How the Program Works

There are three main parts to this program:

  1. Live group support calls with Glenda Mattinson – Certified NVC Trainer with the international Center for Nonviolent Communication
  2. Unique online library – the information you need to successfully create connection, resolve conflicts, and make fully satisfying decisions – on your own and with others. 
  3. Community sharing and support – through mechanisms chosen by the group itself. These might include a private email group and/or a private Facebook Group page.

Unique Online Library

  • People frequently ask me if there’s a book they can read on the approach I teach.
    While I always highly recommend Marshall Rosenberg’s books, especially “Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life”, there is currently no book that provides the unique consolidated “how-to” material that I teach.
  • That is why I’ve created this online library of materials – to give you something you can read, watch, and refer to easily when you have a situation you want to deal with, or a request you want to make in a way that increases the other person’s willingness to say “yes”.
  • I’ve deliberately organized the material into small “chunks” so you can quickly and easily locate exactly the information you need and want..

Some of the topics include:

  • How to instantly take any conversation out of conflict and into collaboration
  • How to express what you want the other person to hear – in a way that maximizes your chances that they will “get” it, and want to support you
  • How to respond to even the most difficult, painful, and critical things other people say – to maintain your poise and dignity, and keep things moving forward in a positive way
  • How to find a solution that works for everyone – even when it initially seems impossible.

We are currently assembling the library from my private training materials.
It will be available by the date of the first call.

Live Weekly Calls – 3 Weeks per Month

  • Groups of 8-10 people or less
    I’ll start with one at the most popular time selected in last month’s poll
    Other groups may be added in the new year, depending on my time availability and the level of interest
  • We’ll meet via computer – with both voice and visual connection.
    This has been chosen to minimize cost – eliminating long distance charges involved in telephone conference calls. No software download onto your computer will be required – we’ve specifically chosen and tested a service that ensures this.
  • At each session, we’ll divide the length of the call by the number of people – and each person will get my undivided attention and support for that amount of time, to focus on whatever topic or issue you would like support with.
    If you can’t be present in person for a session, you have the option to submit your question or material you’d like support with, and I’ll use “your” portion of the call to provide that feedback.
    Support will be provided verbally and in writing during the call. Both the written material and recordings of the call will be made available after each call – in alignment with the agreements we make together to support everyone’s needs in being met
  • Most people requested a call length of one and one-half hours, so that’s what the amount of time I will be available. To support people who are only available for an hour, their questions / material will be addressed during the time they are available.
  • To help with the 2nd and 3rd levels of learning – skill and habit development – part of each call will be spent on each person deciding for themselves:
    – What practice “homework” they will do between calls to build their skills
    – When they will do this
    – Whether and how they will share their success or learning with the group
  • I will encourage each person to do at least part of their practice in writing (see last month’s newsletter or blog post for why), and to submit that on an online form that I can access.
  • The form will be organized into sections according to what I teach about creating effective connection, decisions, and conflict resolution (e.g., conversation objective, what you want heard, potential hard-to-hear messages and how you might respond, your proposed strategy, …)
  • During each call I will
    – Highlight what I appreciate about each sample provided
    Answer any questions from the person who prepared it – to support what they want to learn
    – Check if they would like to hear any additional thoughts I have about the sample?
    – If yes, provide customized teaching related to the sample, and possible alternative language for learning and comparison purposes.

Schedule – 3 weeks a month

  • The first session will be Tues Oct 21,
    8-9:30 pm Eastern time
    7-8:30 pm Central
    6-7:30 pm Mountain
    5-6:30 pm Pacific time
  • Sessions will be held weekly on Tuesdays at this same time – for 3 weeks in a row, followed by a one-week break, then resume for another 3 weeks.

Monthly Subscription

  • In line with the intention of providing on-going support, these sessions will be offered on a monthly subscription basis.
  • If you sign up now, your credit card will not be charged until the day of the first call when your first paid month will begin. (That’s what the “Free XX days” means on the sign-up form.)
    For people who sign up later, if there is space, their “months” will be based on the date they sign up.
  • Payment will be collected at the beginning of each month.
  • You will have the option of pausing or stopping your participation at the end of any of “your” months, and your access to the online library of materials will close at the end of that personal subscription month.

.Special Arrangements for December

  • To deal with the reality of people’s busy schedules in December, we will hold just one group session that month, on Tues Dec 2.
  • In place of the other two sessions in December, you will receive a coupon for a half-hour private session with Glenda that you can use any time in December or January.


  • I want to support everyone who is interested in participating. So much so that I’ve been subsidizing my client rates for years – offering this work at a rate that is less than what I need to live on, and working evenings and weekends and taking money out of my savings to make up the difference. And I can no longer afford to do that.
  • I have a colleague who recently began offering a online program to 3,000 students. He offers one 45 minute phone call a month, which provides approximately one second per month of customized time per participant.
    Based on a group size of 8 for the small group mentoring program, and given that I’m offering approximately 1800 times the amount of individual support every month – based on his pricing, I would charge $7,200 per participant per month. Not acceptable to me. 🙂
  • The monthly fee for the small group mentoring program is $175 + HST where applicable (=$197.75)
  • You can sign up here

For this you receive:

  • 4 1/2 hours of group mentoring support over 3 calls each month
  • Individual support every time – you choose the topic(s), you choose the form(s) of support you want
  • Written summaries of the mentoring support provided
  • All training materials I use in teaching this approach
  • An ever-expanding library of examples of how this work gets applied effectively in real life challenging situations
  • People often tell me that they gain the most from seeing examples of skilled use of these tools
  • Unique videos coming soon! I was recently professionally video-recorded teaching this material, and it is currently being edited into short (1-5 minute) videos, as well as longer segments, so you can learn / remind / refresh your understanding in brief, stimulating “bites”.

Sign up now and you will not be charged for the program until the day of the first session!


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