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How to find solutions that work for everyone
– even when it seems impossible!

I’m passionate about this topic, because I have found that the
#1 source of conflict is that someone, sometime agreed to something that didn’t really work for them.

So by learning and practicing a simple 3-step process to find solutions that work both for you and for others, you not only make things better today, you also help to avoid unpleasant surprises in future.

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The “Start Anytime” training program

It’s popular these days to do “launches” of programs – lots of emails; lots of hype; lots of fear, scarcity, and urgency – “You need to sign up now or you’ll lose the opportunity…!”

I don’t believe that best serves anyone except the person selling the program.

So I deliberately and intentionally designed this program to meet the needs of participants:

  • Start when the time is right for you.
  • Get personalized help for your situation.
  • Learn from the real-life experiences of others.
  • Can’t attend a session? Get truly effective and efficient support:
    – Submit a situation for review and input – you’ll get an answer in writing
    Written copies of all material – PowerPoint slides and all mentoring feedback – so you can quickly skim the material and zero in on what you want
    Video recordings so you can both see and hear what happened
    Focused recordings – only the key bits you’ll want to catch up on:
    …..brief review of previous topics,
    …..new teaching for the week,
    …..mentoring highlights
    – “Slider” to fast forward or replay only the bits you choose
  • Paced for comfort, learning and connection:
    4-week cycle
    billed at the start of the cycle: 3 weekly training sessions followed by a one-week break.
    You can pause at any time – your subscription will end at the end of “your” 4-week cycle.
    Pick things up again when you are ready.
  • Reduce stress in two ways:
    1 – Learn and apply invaluable skills that will benefit all areas of your life
    2 – Experience a more relaxed, comfortable and natural pace of working.
    As one participant reported at the end of a recent session, “I feel more energized now at the end of the session than I did at the beginning!”

Can I Start Now, in December?

Yes! If you sign up now, you will receive immediate access (within 15 minutes) to all the material from the fall sessions:

  • Training materials
  • Video recordings
  • Written mentoring examples

And be ready to get even more from the January training sessions (Tues Jan 6, Tues Jan 13, and Tues Jan 20 – all from 8-9:30 pm Eastern time).

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