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She came up to me at the end of the training. “I get what you’ve taught – you make it very clear. And I’m wondering how do I apply it to…?” and she finished with her particular challenging situation.

Great Question!

I love this question! It is the essence of improving our communication and making our workplaces, relationships, and lives better!

To take the handful of key situations in your life that you don’t enjoy but keep repeating themselves, and find new ways of handling them so they’re not a problem any more.

Imagine what it would be like to transform just one of those situations in your own life.

Where there used to be stress, frustration and anxiety, there is now ease, flow, fun and connection. Wow!

It Can Be Done!

I’ve done it in my own life. And my clients have done it in theirs.

Whether it’s conflict with a work colleague, or someone in your family, you do have the power to make things better than you can probably imagine right now.

You will likely need support

Most of us can’t do it on our own for those “biggies” – the kinds of things that keep showing up over and over.

Because if you could do it on your own, you already would have.

In those particular situations, there is something we’re not seeing – some hidden “blind spot” where we’re unintentionally contributing to what we don’t want.

And we need someone else to help us see it, and help figure out what small, easy, comfortable change you could make that would change the whole dynamic.

One of my clients calls me “The Queen of Solutions” because I seem to be able to zero in on the leverage point in situations – the small shift that changes the whole dynamic.

So if you’re ready to “Stop Settling”

… for things that don’t work for you…

And you’re willing to try doing something different yourself – congratulations! That is 90% of the work done – right there!

I love to support people like you to make life easier, more satisfying and fulfilling.

If you are a leader wanting to create change within your team or organization, click here to book a time to talk about your unique situation and how I might be able to help.

For individuals, I offer two different options:

Keen to see results?

  • If you’re keen to see results quickly, we can work together privately.
    100% of the time focused on your situation and making it better.
    People are usually feeling better about the situation after the first two-hour session, and have fully addressed at least one challenging situation within six to eight sessions.
    To book a free consultation to explore this option, click here

Interested in building skills over time?

  • If your focus is to learn skills for handling a variety of different situations, and you are comfortable with a more gradual approach, then the Group Mentoring Program was designed for you.
    You get training modules, practice exercises, and regular, live access to a certified communication trainer (me) for personalized support.
    You can read more about it here
    And sign up here

Can’t Decide?

  • Spend a few minutes thinking about what would really work for you
  • Then book a Free Consultation session and let’s see what we can design that will help produce the change you’re wanting, while honouring your time and financial realities.


This is about leveraging the power of that handful of difficult situations. The ones that can make the difference between a constant nagging sense of frustration, anxiety and distraction – or a life of joyful ease, flow and confidence.

Your life is too precious not to enjoy it to the full!  Please don’t settle!

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