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In conjunction with transitioning my websites to WordPress, I’m also seeking to integrate my latest life learning, including what I’ve learned from teaching NVC. This is leading me to focus on 3 websites:

  • – Sharing my learning about enjoying life and connecting effectively with others – both one-on-one and in groups. Including what I’ve learned about learning and teaching Nonviolent Communication (NVC) – thanks to Marshall Rosenberg.
  • – What I’ve learned about time management and personal organization. To help us all use our time and energy so we enjoy our lives most fully.
  • – My “personal” website – sharing information about people, books, videos and other resources that have enhanced my life. As well as meaningful stories and memories from my own life that don’t fit the themes of either of the other sites.

Below is information about what’s happening with the 4 other websites I’ve created over the years. As well as a bit more information about the three above.

NVC-Related Websites

The primary NVC-related website I’m focusing on for the moment is this one –

I’m making this choice because I’ve found that the people who’ve been most satisfied with their NVC learning and progress have been those who have entered into a coaching-like relationship – multiple one-on-one sessions over time, specifically focused on their particular and unique learning edges.

No “cookie-cutter” training approaches – just what they need, when they need it.  To enhance their enjoyment of life and their relationships with others.

Previous NVC-Related Websites

You may have encountered me on one of the following websites.

I am in the process of identifying transition plans for how to move and integrate the unique and useful information from these sites. I think it may take a while.

In the meantime, I am pretty much leaving them as they are – trying to ensure that there is no inaccurate information there, but not focusing on them for the moment. The previous websites are: (the first one!) (I like parts of the structure and clarity of this one…) – I’m integrating the NVC-related posts from that site here, with the intention of spreading them out over time.

Spacious Balance

I’ve also had a life-long passion for time management and personal organization.

After all, time is life. And if we can’t find what we need when we need it, we waste time.

For decades, I’ve been experimenting on myself and a few select colleagues, friends, and family members. Partly to perfect strategies that actually work – at home and in work settings that vary from corporations to solopreneurship.

And partly to learn how to help people identify and integrate strategies that will really work for THEM, without adding to overwhelm and frustration.

Based on feedback I’ve gotten, I’ve learned some very useful things. So I’ve set up to start to share what I’ve learned. (It will open in a new window.)

So you and others can use your time and energy to enjoy your life most fully.

Glenda Mattinson

The theme of this site is “Appreciating Life”. And there is so much to appreciate!  People I’ve met; books and videos I’ve read or watched; businesses and non-profits who are doing amazing things; events and memories in my life.

This is where I give myself the opportunity to celebrate and share all these. As well as the things that have taken some time to learn to appreciate – like learning I’ve gotten from difficult situations.

Because the spelling of especially my last name is not simple, I’m intending to set things up so that typing also gets you here. And I have to copy some of the material that I’ve published there before I make the switch. I’ll post another news article when that has happened.

Because part of the reason for switching to WordPress is that iWeb has “lost” some of these articles off of my computer, so the only place they exist is where they are on the Internet right now.

To see what’s here now, go to (will open in a new window)


I hope this information enables you to identify where you might find information of interest to you, from among all of what I write.

Each of the 3 new websites includes a link (usually on the top right-hand side of the first page) that allows you to receive an email copy of each new article as it is published. My goal is to publish one article on each of these sites once every 1-2 weeks – with the possibility that I might publish “personal” articles more frequently than that from time to time.



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