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Ever have this happen to you?

Immediately after I sent out the August newsletter, I found a typo – the September Sunday Practice Group date was off by one day! Arggghhh!

What to do? My understanding is that I have an agreement with you that I won’t email you more than once a month. And I want to honour that understanding. (Needs for integrity, support, and shared understanding)

But I also want you to have accurate and up-to-date information.

A classic NVC dilemma – two different clusters of needs. What strategy would help me meet both?

Ta da! A web page on which I post any corrections or updates that emerge between newsletter deadlines.

With a link to it at or near the top of each newsletter so it is accessible to you when you might actually be interested – i.e., any time you go in to read any newsletter. You can see the web page here.

This strategy meets all of my needs. Are there any needs of yours not met by it?

If so, I invite you to email me with information about your situation and a suggestion of a strategy that you think would meet your needs and the needs I’ve highlighted above.

And thank you for helping me meet all our needs more effectively!

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