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In August, I shared two images of community and asked readers of my monthly email newsletter to

  • let me know which one(s) appealed most to them, and
  • share any additional images of community they appreciated.

Interestingly, about 50% of the people who responded liked the first image below, and 50% liked the second image.

Best of all, some people shared additional images of community that they liked – and that I like even better than the two I shared. These are included below – I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Many thanks to everyone who responded!


“I like it that this image shows the figures facing each other.”

“I like that there is both connection and a sense of people standing tall independently.”



Ring of hands


“I like the sense of people depending on each other that comes through in this image for me.”





“This is my favorite group hug picto.”

I appreciate that the people are all different colours – highlighting each person’s uniqueness. And the sense of mutual care that is expressed through the hug.




“I find this other hands formation very beautiful.”

“I like how this conveys what I want everyone’s experience of community to be – one of care and ‘being held'”.




“I appreciate the uniqueness of each person conveyed through the different colours, combined with the sense of mutual interdependence and support.”



Thank you again to everyone who contributed to this beautiful gallery of community photos!

Photo credits:

Original circle of people facing each other: © ioannis kounadeas –
Circle of hands:  © Stephen Coburn –
Colourful group huddle: © Maxim Malevich –
Hands forming a heart: Image courtesy of Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot /
2nd colourful group – hands in the middle: © Maxim Malevich –

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