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Do you want to create more peaceful and satisfying relations with other people?

It’s easy to create peace if you just give in to what other people want. But that is not ultimately satisfying. (And it’s not sustainable either.)

And it can feel very satisfying to tell people exactly what you think when you’re not happy about something. But that does not support peace. And so the satisfaction quickly disappears.

Peace with satisfaction IS possible. But we often can’t achieve it and maintain it on our own.

We need the support of community of people who want the same thing, and who are willing to help one another.

That is the purpose of this program.


You can choose to do whatever mix of the following works best for you.

  1. Training Videos – To understand the skills involved – and how and when to use them.
    There are over 5 hours of video, in 22 separate segments,  that include everything I’ve learned about how to speak and listen – in order to have peacefully successful conversations about challenging topics.
    You’ll get access as soon as you sign up for the program. Go through the videos at your own pace and on your schedule. Review them as often as you wish during the program. There are suggested practice activities for each one.
  2. Weekly Practice Calls – To practice the skills together “live” in a safe, supportive, and encouraging space. (* Calls happen for 3 weeks in a row, then a one-week break. This helps the program remain fun and enjoyable for everyone.)
  3. Experienced Communication Support – During the calls, Glenda will spend some time providing customized training and support, based on the needs of participants in the group..

For more information about the program, check out last month’s post Group program starting in March

Fees & Sign Up

  • Never worked with me before,
    or Had fewer than 4 private sessions with me,
    or Taken less than 4 days of group training with me:.

    You’ll be learning all of this in the most cost-effective way I’ve ever offered it:
    $97 for 4 weeks (plus HST) for 3 four-week periods,
    then you’ll be eligible for the “have taken full program” rate below
    You’ll get automatic access to videos, and can start learning right away.
    Click here to sign up and get started! – link opens in a new window
  • If you HAVE already taken a full program with me

    Whether as part of an organization, working with me one-on-one, or in a “for two” supported conversation series,
    You’ll also get access to the video training material – to review, refresh and deepen your learning – $47 for 4 weeks (plus HST) which automatically renews until you cancel
    Click here to sign up and get started with the videos! – link opens in a new window
  • Group discount programs are also available to organizations that have trained with me. Contact me to learn more.

Please Join Us!

I am really excited to be offering this program because…

It combines everything I’ve learned that you need to master peacefully successful communication in your life:

  • Clear, effective conceptual understanding of what to do, what not to do, and why
  • Regular practice to build the skills – in a positive, supportive and encouraging environment
  • Experienced support to help you
    prepare for potentially challenging conversations,
    celebrate what worked well, and
    learn from everything else.

Here’s the link for people with limited experience or training with me

And here’s the link for people who’ve done my full program



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