When Your Well of Compassion is Full…

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(Time to read: ~ 2 minutes)

When you have acknowledged and offered compassion to all the hurt places in yourself…

…it can bring further relief to connect compassionately with the other person – such as your mother.

Note: If at any point,
you start to experience “negative” emotions about yourself or your mother,
please close this post and return to compassionately caring for yourself!

The Other Side

What might she have been feeling in those moments?

Overwhelmed? Helpless? Trapped?

Angry at herself for being where she was? Frustrated at her lack of choice?

What might she have been wanting or longing for?

Freedom? Peace? Love? Comfort? Recognition?

The Deeper Truth

Is it possible that, deep down, she did love you and appreciate your unique and special gifts?

That she just didn’t have the capacity to stay connected to that truth amidst the day-to-day challenges – both inner and outer – of her life?

Maybe she hadn’t ever been loved unconditionally herself? So she didn’t know how to pass that gift along to you?

Transformation is Possible

How do you feel now?


Or worse?

Whatever your thoughts and feelings, they are pointing toward what you – the wonderful, special uniqueness of you – need to live a full, joyful and satisfying life.

If this short exercise helped with that, I’m glad.

If not, it just means there are more pieces of the puzzle to be uncovered and fit into place.

Want Help with the Puzzle?

I help people uncover the pieces of their unique puzzle of life – and figure out how to put them together to create a satisfying and joyful way forward.

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Wishing you joy in creating the life and relationships you truly want,


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