Living Joyfully – What I’ve Learned So Far

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  1. It is important to know what is important to us – and to honour that in how we live.
    If we value kindness, it is important to act in ways we believe are kind. If we love to swim or to walk in nature, it is important to make that part of our lives..
  2. It is important to feel that we are making a meaningful contribution to others
    … preferably in a way that makes satisfying use of our talents and our interests.
  3. .It is important to feel that there is balance in our relationships
    … that, in each one, neither our giving nor our receiving is significantly out of balance.
  4. It is important to focus on noticing what we have to be grateful for.
    It seems to be more natural for many of us to be more aware of what we aren’t enjoying – perhaps to help ensure our physical survival. But it seems to benefit our emotional well-being to consciously choose to focus on what we appreciate – about ourselves, our relationships, and our surroundings.
  5. It is important to address what’s not working for us, to a place where we feel at peace.
    Contrary to my first instinct, this doesn’t mean starting by asking other people to change. It begins with our noticing and accepting that what is, is – for now. Perhaps feeling our natural sadness that our needs are not currently met. Then from this solid foundation, discovering our power to create change – within ourselves and with others. Knowing that the only truly sustainable change is one that works for everyone.

(August 2010 – updated March 2012)

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