September News! Practice Groups Starting!

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(Time to read: ~1 minute to skim; 3-minute main article; three other 1 minute articles. )

Practice Groups Starting This Month!

Sun Sept 23, 2-4 pm   *   Tues Sept 25, 7-9 pm

I am really looking forward to getting together with people
who want to learn and support one another
to hear and be heard from the heart.

And a reminder that if you sign up here by Sat Sept 15,
you can get 4 sessions for the price of 3 with the purchase of a 3-session pass
(you can attend either of the Sept sessions for free!)[hr]

Contents This Month

1) Article: “Don’t Hear This!”  – and what to do instead (3 minutes)
What I heard that got me into conflict with a friend.
And how you can avoid that mistake in future.

2) The Key 80% of Connection Workshop – Should You Attend? (1 minute)
4 questions to help you assess if this workshop could be helpful for you

3) Stay up to date with Newsletter corrections & updates (1 minute)
You can now check this web page between newsletters

4) Other Recent Articles Published Elsewhere (1 minute)
One very, very special post commemorating a key person & event that eventually led me to NVC.


Looking for information about the community pictures vote from last month?

There was just too much to write about this month!

So it will be in an upcoming newsletter – possibly next month’s version, due to arrive October 10-11.

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Wishing you a happy September and a happy Canadian Thanksgiving!



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