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So many people seem to be feeling anxious these days. We seem to be surrounded by information that tells us that the world is a risky and uncertain place.

In the midst of this, how do we find genuine peace?

I’ve found there are 3 secrets to getting and staying authentically peaceful as we move through our day-to-day lives.

Not the “I’ll distract myself with this activity so I won’t feel the anxiety that is actually there” pseudo-peace but the real, authentic, “when I check in fully with myself, I feel calm” genuine peace.

1) Spend time with peaceful people in peaceful ways

There does seem to be something inherently comforting about being with other people. And that can be amplified by the particular ways we choose to be together.

It’s one of the things I most treasure about the workshops, coaching and practice groups I offer – the sense of peace, joy and lightness that we all seem to have at the end. It’s like a shot of happiness each time.

2) Practice appreciating daily

I am always amazed when I recommit myself to some kind of daily gratitude practice – whether it is a journal, or starting each connection with John by sharing our appreciations – how that attitude filters into the rest of my life.

I find myself spontaneously noticing things to appreciate, which increases my satisfaction with my life, and seems incompatible with anxiety. .

3) Face your fears with curiosity and compassion

This one can be both scary (after all they are fears!), and SUCH a relief after we’ve done it, because something concrete always seems more handle-able than something vague and shadowy – like a shadow that is bigger than the thing itself.
It can also be a bit tricky to do on our own – kind of like walking a tightrope. There are two unhelpful sides we can fall off on: one is believing the fear, the other is pretending the fear doesn’t exist. 

Both of these can be easier to avoid if we have the support of others.

Don’t feel the fear and do it anyway.

I’m not a fan of either the “feel the fear and do it anyway” or the “thank you for sharing, now I’m going to ignore you” schools of dealing with fear – because I don’t think they appreciate and honour the wisdom inside our fears.

And I think they can disconnect us from our only true guide in life – what feels right for us.

I find it more effective to sit down with fears and hear what they have to say. Kind of like sitting outside on a summer’s day beside a child and just listening.
And then seriously considering what to do so that all parts feel satisfied and peaceful.

This is one of the ways I really enjoy supporting people:  being with you as you feel what you are feeling (and think what you are thinking) and then supporting you to hang in there, really knowing and trusting that you can come up with unique and creative decisions that are FULLY right for you, your life, and your peace of mind.

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