Dealing with the Two Sides of Others

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Just as there are two sides to you, there are also two sides to other people:

  1. How they behave when they are confident that they are cared about
  2. How they behave when they are not trusting that their needs will be met.

What does this mean for you?

You need to be prepared to deal with moments when that “second side” shows up in someone you are talking to.

To know how to:

  • Recognize that the “second side” is now running their show
  • Understand what it needs in order to trust that everything’s going to be okay so it can “stand down” and give you back the side of the other person that’s easier and more fun to deal with
  • Change what you say and do to help build that trust.

What makes that hard to do?

As soon as someone else’s “second side” shows up, your own “second side” immediately wants to jump in and retaliate in kind – or else it wants to run away and hide.

So before you can deal effectively with other people’s “second sides”, you have to learn to make friends with your own, as I talked about in the previous article.

I Can Help

if you want to learn more effective strategies for dealing with both your own “second side” and the “second side” of other key people in your life.

I’ve been living, practicing and teaching this for over 12 years. And I’ve had to learn to work with a pretty reactive “second side” of my own.

Click here to book a time to talk about options, to see what might work best for you.

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