The Two Sides for Managers

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As a manager (or parent, or teacher, or coach), you spend a lot of time trying to arrange things so that your team members’ needs are met.

And that’s a very powerful way to support your team to do their best work.

But you also need their support and cooperation – to develop and implement effective strategies for dealing with situations in which their needs are not being met.

So that they are not responding in ways that damage their relationships with you, other team members, other teams, or with your organization’s customers, clients, or partners.

Doing this can be tricky, because people usually don’t want to talk about times they haven’t acted professionally. And when they do, it is usually because they think they are “right” or “justified” – which is another layer that needs to be dealt with.

Helping your team develop effective strategies for dealing with these difficult times requires that you also need to have peacefully effective strategies for dealing with times when:

  • Your needs are not met
  • A team member’s needs are not met
  • The needs of managers and members of other teams are not met.

A key aspect of this is that you need to be confident that other people will let you know, so that together you can find ways to effectively address the situation and find ways that everyone’s needs are met.

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