When Life is Hard

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We all go through these times.

Whether it’s stressful problems at work.

Or a relationship that’s on the rocks or broken.

It’s painful. It can be scary. You may feel exhausted.

You may want to talk it through with someone.

But it can be hard to find the right kind of person.

Someone who will really get how tough it is.

And not leave you feeling worse by telling you what you “should” do.

If you want support, I’m here.

Because there is a way out of where you are.

A way that will feel “just right” and bring you peace and relief.

And together we will find it.

Not in weeks or months, but in a session or two.

Weekdays. Weekends. Whatever works for you.

Check my calendar and book a time to talk.

Never talked to me before? Click here for a free “touch base” session

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