The Joy of Freedom

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Marilyn* was miserable at work. She found her boss critical and unappreciative, and some of her colleagues difficult to get along with.  *Not her real name

I remember our first session working together, and the delighted smile on her face at the end. She had deep clarity about what she wanted, and hope that things could be different.

In our second session, we identified one thing that she could do that she was confident would improve the situation – she was amazed at how simple and easy it was – and she learned a simple yet profound process for how to make any decision, to come to a fully effective and satisfying solution.

Decisions that actually get implemented – without unwanted side effects. So Marilyn could stop ping-ponging back and forth between partial solutions that were ultimately unsuccessful (like not speaking up about something, and then speaking out in frustration).

Over the next couple of sessions we refined her initial solution, based on her experience in trying it out, until it easily and consistently produced the results she wanted.

At the same time, we explored Marilyn’s use of language in challenging situations, and again identified a couple of small, doable changes that she made that gradually and profoundly changed how people related to her.

She was discovering her power to create the quality of working life she truly wanted.

And, as a bonus, she found that her relationships with her family were also improving – as she naturally transferred her learning from work to her home life.

We worked through a few more situations together – some recent, others situations from the past that had been bugging her for years.

We prepared her to have some important conversations with key people in her life; conversations she’d been wanting to have but had been scared to even try – because she knew she didn’t know how to make them go well.

And we celebrated her success in getting the support and collaboration she had been wanting. Marilyn was amazed at how easy and quick these “difficult” conversations were when she approached them in this way.

In each case, Marilyn found a new and lasting sense of peace, power, and freedom in each of these situations and relationships.

As we worked together, Marilyn took on doing more and more of the work on her own, following the five simple templates I teach, until she found herself  confidently”flying solo”.

These days she comes back and works with me once or twice a year – to get support with situations that are too “sticky” to deal with on her own.

And each time she reports a sense of delighted amazement when she remembers how things used to be.

Then she felt hopeless, discouraged, and angry a lot of the time.
Now she feels hopeful and upbeat – confident that she has the skills to handle any situation that arises with grace.

Then she felt that people really didn’t care about her – and that maybe she wasn’t really worth caring about.
Now she enjoys a sense of mutual care and connection with the key people in her life – and she likes and appreciates herself.

Do you find yourself frustrated, discouraged or helpless in some area of your life?

Would you like to enjoy the benefits that Marilyn found in your own life?

Then I invite you to book a no-risk session to check this approach out.

If you’d like to start gently – maybe try putting a toe in the water first – you can book a free 1/2 hour info session at this link:
You can talk generally about what you’d like to be different in your life, get a feel for who I am and how I interact with people, and ask any questions you have.

If you believe that “the proof is in the pudding”, and you won’t really know if this approach is for you until you actually try it, you can book a no-risk session at this link – if you’re not satisfied at the end of the session that this approach will be useful for you, there will be no fee:
You bring a specific situation that you’re not happy about and want to change, and we’ll get started working on it.

Because life is short – and I really want you to enjoy yours to the full!


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